SMARTMETERS Invade People's Privacy Reporting to USA Government!


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According to the new bill, it requires appliances with the Energy Star label to include wireless transmitters that cannot be turned off, in order to communicate with the government, sending the users' private information to it descretely.

I think that it is very possible for USA to force the Japanese market to sell the SMART-technology-implemented products, or ask the water, electricty, and gass companies to use this technology with their meters. Then, USA could spy on the Japanese users secretely.

How can we prevent it from happening?
Demand the Japanese goernment to reject TPP Act against USA.

Then, we are free from the dominance by the USA to Japan. They have no right to dominate anyone, any country, and any other world, but they must respect the others!

New bill aims to make 'smart' meters mandatory for entire nation
URL : http://www.naturalnews.com/041446_smart_meters_national_mandate_surveillance.html
Thursday, August 01, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) There is a sinister agenda underway to forcibly convert every standard electric meter in the U.S. to the "smart" variety under the guise of promoting renewable energy interests. And one of the latest pieces of Trojan horse legislation pushing for this ominous transformation is the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013, introduced by Representative Jerry McNerney (D-Cal.) and co-authored by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Penn.), which would force utilities all across the country to convert their customers to smart meters.

The new bill, as stated in a recent press release posted on Rep. McNerney's website, would require virtually all energy utility companies nationwide to implement so-called "smart grid technologies," which in turn would require the installation of smart meters on customers' homes and businesses. Smart meters, as you may already be aware, contain wireless communication components that are not only a serious threat to human health, but also a monumental detriment to personal privacy.

But crafty politicians like Rep. McNerney and Rep. Cartwright are couching the technology as a viable way to help save people money by lowering their electricity bills. This explanation, of course, is meant to divert attention away from the not-so-enticing fact that the technology is really nothing more than a massive, interconnected government spying and control apparatus.

"[The bill] would apparently require all electricity providers, including rural cooperatives and municipal utilities, to join the 'smart' grid and install 'smart' meters," explains the energy freedom advocacy group StopSmartMeters.org.

What else does this inauspicious bill aim to accomplish? According to a summary of the bill, posted as H.R. 2685 at GovTrack.us -- you need to read between the lines to really understand what is being stated in this summary -- certified Energy Star appliances and other energy-saving products will be required to contain wireless technologies capable of communicating with both energy providers and potentially even the government.

"[T]he bill would require appliances with the Energy Star label to include wireless transmitters that cannot be turned off, in order to communicate (and presumably cough up your private data and respond to orders from Big Brother Smart Grid to switch you off at a moment's notice, as happened to dozens of people in Northern California recently when their not-so-smart-AC program cut off their air conditioning at the height of the recent heat wave," adds StopSmartMeters.org.

"The bill would also establish a 'smart grid information center' that would presumably create pro-smart-grid propaganda at the taxpayer's expense."

Smart meters exposed as part of NSA 'PRISM' spying scam

Even worse is the fact that Landis Gyr, a major smart meter manufacturer that describes itself as a "world leader" in smart grid technology, let the cat out of the bag that the National Security Agency (NSA), which we now know actively spies on innocent Americans' phone calls and text messages, also uses smart meters to spy on Americans.

Thanks to a NaturalNews reader tip, we learned that Landis Gyr recently had a company voicemail message that admitted smart meter technology is part of the NSA's "PRISM" spying and surveillance program. Since gaining national attention about this admission, Landis Gyr has apparently altered its company voicemail message to omit this indicting information.

Your help needed to oppose HR 2685, the Smart Meter Trojan Horse Act

H.R. 2685 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for consideration, which means this is the first point of contact in effectively killing this bill. StopSmartMeters.org has set up a helpful action page that you can use to contact not only the committee but also the bill's sponsors and the rest of your Congressmen:

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【11月14日 AFP】米グーグル(Google)が13日発表した最新版「透明性レポート(Transparency Report)」で、同社が2012年1〜6月に各国政府から受け取ったユーザーデータ提供ウェブコンテンツ削除の要請件数が、前年に引き続き増加傾向にあることが分かった。

 グーグルのドロシー・チョウ(Dorothy Chou)政策アナリストは「このデータの公開は今回で6回目だが、政府による監視が近年増大しているという傾向が明らかになっている」と述べている。



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  6. 英国:1425件


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